Imaging Procurement - How to value the intangible

Procuring photography and imaging suppliers isn’t simple. Unlike products with a specification, quality imaging is driven by creativity. This blog post is designed to help procurement managers and those involved in the selection of suppliers of photography, video, time-lapse and drone imaging content. It discusses methods for effectively assessing the array of tangible and intangible aspects of creative imaging.

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The upgraded Wynyard Station: Photo and imaging content

The recently upgraded Wynyard Station is a large and important public infrastructure and construction project that has dramatically improved the transport experience for city travellers.

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How to plan for compelling time-lapse photography

“Almost every third assignment we now undertake has a time-lapse photography component”, says Chris Shain, co owner of specialist photography business, Images for Business. “This is because our clients, particularly those in industry, infrastructure, engineering or architecture are realising the wide and growing benefits time-lapse can make to their organisations.”

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Communicating architecture through an inspiring image

 “Dealing with architecture brings me very close to the state of mind required to make pictures. One also needs an old seeing eye, appropriate reflexes which embrace sensitive observations coupled with appropriate emotional responses.”

 - Max Dupain (1911-1992)

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The importance of crafted images in annual reports

The annual report is an obligatory communication to an organisation’s immediate and interested stakeholders. Whether a public company or not for profit and/or non-government organisation the most recent history of the organisation’s performance is recorded in accord with specified regulatory reporting requirements.

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Secrets to selecting images for a stand out website

We’ve just completed what has been quite a cathartic experience for Images for Business – the selection of images for our new website. The fundamentals of website build, ie; content management, sitemap, graphic design, functionality, user relevance and ease and SEO all seem to have been easy compared to the task of determining the right images. So we got to thinking are we necessarily alone here? We looked at the websites for those businesses we have been customers for in the past week and came to the conclusion that we were not.

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Simple ideas to work with a photographer to help get the inspiring images you want


“The final quality of an image is generally determined by good collaboration, open communication and planning between the client and the photographer,” says Chris Shain, photographer and co principal of Images for Business. “Good planning really helps us to deliver just the right image – the one that truly inspires.”

Images for Business works with clients to prepare a simple checklist when talking to us about their next job. A big part of the service we offer is to help our clients make all this work, Here’s a few ideas to consider in preparing for the next photo shoot.

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Small business community promotion in Haberfield

Images For Business was recently commissioned to photograph a selection of historical local business in Habberfield looking to boost trade again after the re-opening of Ramsay St off the A4 City-West Link. It was a pleasure meeting the owners and employees of these businesses and the photographs featured as support images on a double page spread in the Inner West Courier.

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Annandale Abbey Restoration Wins Australian Institute of Architects Greenway Award for 2015

Images for Business was honoured to be able to record the stunning transformation of The Abbey in Annandale, Sydney for our client Design 5 Achitects. We’re delighted their work on this project has been awarded this year’s  prestigious Greenway Award from the Australian Institute of Architects.

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