Construction Manufacturing – WestConnex Time-Lapse and Video Case Study

WestConnex has employed off-site manufacturing for the construction of elevated roadway support components. Like many advanced infrastructure and construction projects, WestConnex has chosen pre-fabricated manufacturing to answer the ever-increasing demands for higher levels of quality, efficiency and on-time project delivery. 

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How photography and video can supercharge public relations

The world of influence marketing continues to grow in sophistication. PR and communications professionals know only too well that media releases are no longer as effective as they once were. Today’s ideal is the production of ready-to-run content that facilitates journalistic investigation and storytelling.

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Corporate portraits are much more than selfies

The corporate portrait has become an important asset for people at all levels of business today. From LinkedIn to annual reports, the corporate portrait describes a individual's corporate persona – sometimes called a personal brand.

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Inspiring images: the fuel for project return on investment

Australia is in the midst of an infrastructure and construction boom, driven by population growth. Gaining positive publicity and attention within the volume of activity is becoming harder. High quality imaging content provides a compelling, simple and relatively low-cost solution.

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The value of industry knowledge in high-risk environments

Infrastructure, construction, mining and manufacturing are complex industries with workplaces that contain many unique challenges and dangers. It’s a place where professionals who understand the landscape are highly valuable partners.

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Imaging Procurement - How to value the intangible

Procuring photography and imaging suppliers isn’t simple. Unlike products with a specification, quality imaging is driven by creativity. This blog post is designed to help procurement managers and those involved in the selection of suppliers of photography, video, time-lapse and drone imaging content. It discusses methods for effectively assessing the array of tangible and intangible aspects of creative imaging.

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The upgraded Wynyard Station: Photo and imaging content

The recently upgraded Wynyard Station is a large and important public infrastructure and construction project that has dramatically improved the transport experience for city travellers.

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How to plan for compelling time-lapse photography

“Almost every third assignment we now undertake has a time-lapse photography component”, says Chris Shain, co owner of specialist photography business, Images for Business. “This is because our clients, particularly those in industry, infrastructure, engineering or architecture are realising the wide and growing benefits time-lapse can make to their organisations.”

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Communicating architecture through an inspiring image

 “Dealing with architecture brings me very close to the state of mind required to make pictures. One also needs an old seeing eye, appropriate reflexes which embrace sensitive observations coupled with appropriate emotional responses.”

 - Max Dupain (1911-1992)

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The importance of crafted images in annual reports

The annual report is an obligatory communication to an organisation’s immediate and interested stakeholders. Whether a public company or not for profit and/or non-government organisation the most recent history of the organisation’s performance is recorded in accord with specified regulatory reporting requirements.

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